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Friday, May 23, 2008

Update update

Dissappear for quite a long time,it was weeks ago since i wrote my last post here.Very busy around recently,busy with my school admission.Together with my daddy,we been running around several international school ,looking for a temporary study in KL,and i finally come to mind and decide to study in International School Kuala Lumpor.Thats because it is near to my daddy working place,and is quite easy for me to walk around within center of KL,and the transportation is very efficient and easy.

It has been a week of class in this school,everything is going well.The teachers are nice,facilities are good,and have met couple of good friend.We mix well on the class.It's only 6 months for my my study,so i mostly will focus on my language part like English,and Malaysia language.I now have totally 0% on malaysia language,so i have to learn fast to catch up something,And one thing TERIMA KASIH KAWANKU!

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