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Monday, February 18, 2008

Edison Chen,Gillian Chung,Bobo Chan

Almost everyday hear about news of Edison Chen,and his ex-girlfriends.The topic about them is too hot till the moment i turn on tv,radio,read newspapers,it is all about them.But really i like to read news about them too.

Edison Chen was my idole,now no more!!I get so dissappointed on his behaviour.He is handsome,very good looking,i cant deny that,but what he did to all these girls is really unacceptable,he is somehow crossing the line and people getting bullshit with him.You know,i bought his rap song album just about last year,and i had trashed it straight into dustbin.Because i can this feeling that he migth scew up anyone of his fans,and photoes come out to public,really hard to believe his action.

I think he is losing his fans,and alots of bad news on him,he deserve all the blame,and he should faced it,not to get rid from HK.Even Gillian Chung is in HK now,and as a girl,she manage to overcome hard condition,and i really feel sorry for them(girls),and i believe your fans will be there and support you,and kick Edison Chen ass as hard as they can.Plus a sidekick from Me too