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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Went to hair salon today,i got my hair dye,a bit blonde brown,i really like it a lot.I heard alot of controversial of dying our hair,because the chemical is hazard to our health,and many poeple get cancer after get theor hair dye.

Well,i think they might dye their hair in inappropriate way,and thats the result of it!!We should go to proffesional hair salon where they will cover your head with special hair bag,and the coour chemical wont go through in your hair pole.Thus.i think this is no more harmful to anyone.

I dont like my whole hair get brown,because it doesnt suit for asian especially.If i were western,i can try it,hehe.For chinese like me,a little brown look nice,and i dont know how long it can last.after i do my hair cut next time,?