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Monday, February 25, 2008

Awful smell of durian!!

My dad brought bunch of durian(a strong smelling fruit,also called king of fruit),i dont understand why they called king of fruit?Because they are spiky and smelly?i dont' know,thats what my dad told.I never eat any durian fruit before back in taiwan,because i just dont like the smell,make me puke really.My dad,stepmum,sisters ate whole the durian,and they just enjoy them that much,can you believe this?And they told me durian is their favourite fruit some more.....

I enjoy looking at them eating durian,too bad i not even dare to eat any.Luckily,daddy bought some mango,i like mango really,is so so sweet and nice,it was like 100 percentge opposite compare to durian,thats why i regarded mango as king of fruit instead on durian,i think i am right.