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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't look down on me!!!

When i was told i have a stepmum(bigger mum) in Malaysia,i just can't accept the fact,i am very sad,sad,and sad.I cannot forgive my daddy !!!But after a few days,i forgive my daddy,because i love my parents,and i will never angry anything about them.This happpened last year.

And i dont know it was coincident or not,my stepmother in Malaysia make a request to meet me,and of course i wont say no.I accepted her invitation.And i am willing to meet her even though she is not my origin mummy.

My daddy doing business both in taiwan and Malaysia,this year he will stay in Malaysia for 6 months,and i am following him ,an i will be studying shortly there in Kuala Lumpur.What i now worry is wether i should tell anyone that i actually a 私生子 while i study in Malaysia>?What do you think!!??Dont look down on me!!!