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Monday, February 25, 2008

Awful smell of durian!!

My dad brought bunch of durian(a strong smelling fruit,also called king of fruit),i dont understand why they called king of fruit?Because they are spiky and smelly?i dont' know,thats what my dad told.I never eat any durian fruit before back in taiwan,because i just dont like the smell,make me puke really.My dad,stepmum,sisters ate whole the durian,and they just enjoy them that much,can you believe this?And they told me durian is their favourite fruit some more.....

I enjoy looking at them eating durian,too bad i not even dare to eat any.Luckily,daddy bought some mango,i like mango really,is so so sweet and nice,it was like 100 percentge opposite compare to durian,thats why i regarded mango as king of fruit instead on durian,i think i am right.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wooden on photohunt@@

Say goodbye to wooden pencil,i had stop writting with pencil after entered high school,the only time i using wooden pencil would be drawing.And i hate drawing alots,because anything i drawn look horribe,thats why i hate wooden pencil too.

I still remember the wrtting with pencil is really troublesome,because i need to sharpen it with a sharpener,and everytime the carbon stick just keep breaking,it was so annoying.But the good thing of writting with wooden pencil is that i can do correction with eraser,and look really neat after all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why China always bullying us?

Many people ask me where am i from,and i answered i from Taiwan.They laugh at me and say Taiwan is part of China.I were very suprise,what!!!!???No way!!I explained them Taiwan is Taiwan, an independent country,and China is China!!

We aint' Hong Kong or Macau,where both lands are cummunized(communism),we taiwanese are totally democratic,thats what i want to explain to people outside taiwan.This is our duty,as taiwanese,even as a girl,i want to let know taiwan is an independent country,we can survive our own,we proud of our taiwanese,and we are peace-maker,as long as China doesnt' cross to our line.

I think China has bullying us enough,because in this world,no country wanna be friend with taiwan,because they afraid on China?Or they think China greater potential in economic and others fields better than Taiwan.Or most of all,China has manymany second fighter-jet?submarines?Tong Fung long range Missle??million red armies with dogs?and hundred more missles aim at us?I tell you,they wont dare to pull their trigger,because we taiwan has the most advance jet fighter from American,France,and alot more weapon which can completely cover us,defend us!!Thats what our teacher told us!!!!hahahaa,i am impressed

Happy Valentine Day,dont say it to everyone

Few day after Valentine day,received dozen of regards from friends back from taiwan,in Malaysia,through blogs,and alots more.And should i really happy for those regards?i don't know,because i still single ,and i dont really appreciate those regards,anywhere,thank you my friends.

There might be couplewho broke up recently,before or after valentine day,no body knows what happen.So,before dropping happy valentine day,ake sure you make your homeworks.Because you not only fail to cheer them up,you upset them more,and there's might be suicide attempt after u told them:hey!happy valentine day!!you breaking their heart baby...

Thats why i dont' they to fly all my happy valentine words to people around,they knew well themself whats going on during valentine day,and happy valentine day is diiferent from happy birthday,so next year when you wan to do so,please think twice.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Edison Chen,Gillian Chung,Bobo Chan

Almost everyday hear about news of Edison Chen,and his ex-girlfriends.The topic about them is too hot till the moment i turn on tv,radio,read newspapers,it is all about them.But really i like to read news about them too.

Edison Chen was my idole,now no more!!I get so dissappointed on his behaviour.He is handsome,very good looking,i cant deny that,but what he did to all these girls is really unacceptable,he is somehow crossing the line and people getting bullshit with him.You know,i bought his rap song album just about last year,and i had trashed it straight into dustbin.Because i can this feeling that he migth scew up anyone of his fans,and photoes come out to public,really hard to believe his action.

I think he is losing his fans,and alots of bad news on him,he deserve all the blame,and he should faced it,not to get rid from HK.Even Gillian Chung is in HK now,and as a girl,she manage to overcome hard condition,and i really feel sorry for them(girls),and i believe your fans will be there and support you,and kick Edison Chen ass as hard as they can.Plus a sidekick from Me too

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Went to hair salon today,i got my hair dye,a bit blonde brown,i really like it a lot.I heard alot of controversial of dying our hair,because the chemical is hazard to our health,and many poeple get cancer after get theor hair dye.

Well,i think they might dye their hair in inappropriate way,and thats the result of it!!We should go to proffesional hair salon where they will cover your head with special hair bag,and the coour chemical wont go through in your hair pole.Thus.i think this is no more harmful to anyone.

I dont like my whole hair get brown,because it doesnt suit for asian especially.If i were western,i can try it,hehe.For chinese like me,a little brown look nice,and i dont know how long it can last.after i do my hair cut next time,?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Free on Photohunt

With my classmate around me,i feel free and happy,because we like to gossip and talk around on any topic we like!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I love Way back into love~~

Way back into love-by Haley Bennett,i love this song so much....All i wanna do is find a way back into love,i could hardly feel without the way back into love,,,oooo,,,haha,i can sing too..

I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago,it was more like puppuy-love,thats what i can say,and i bet he doesnt has any girl now,and no girl want him too,he an asshole.Hai,,,wanna do is find a way back into love??how?teach me how..nevermind,i am still young,wait the love come to me,i dont want to find by myself,hehe.

I searched around Haley Bennett biography,picture ,she is very sexy,has good bodyshape really.
i am type of gossip group aint i??haha,,I love her movie too,so romantic,,,,when i listen her music, just feel like dancing all night long.

Say no to acne

Many people have acne problem on their face,this is serious problem for me.Some of my friends whom are same ages with me are troubled by acne.Those guys with acnes wehn come near to me,i will jump a distance away.NO Way!!!!i don't wanna get infected by them!!!!Go away!!
,i search through few articles and found out sone tips that can cure them in naturall ways. You might wanna read them here

Apply a honey mask to your face once or twice a week

Wash twice a day with acne soap

Keep your hair off your face

Take a potent multi-vitamin

Include chromium in your diet

Eat carrots for beta-carotene (Vitamin A)

Avoid wearing makeup

Drink 8 glasses of water

Do not pick or squeeze your blackheads and pimples

Eat foods rich in zinc.

These are some tips that i found through website,just briefly let you people know.Because acne can bring a huge effect on your appearance,and first impression through face appearacne is important ,very important,dont you think so?hehe

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A new LOOK after facial treatment!!!!!

How do i look after facial treatment>?But under hot sun,my face will get burn very quick,and all my facial treatment wont be effective anymore,haha.And my next thing after facial treatment will be shopping again,,haha.For several days we had been shopping through out KL city,and i really like to shop alot,the cloths here in KL is cheaper,and i really fill out my room with alots of new clothes!!!

Missing home

I think i am very homesick now,almost a week staying in Malaysia,and i really want to go home,i just cant stand in no more.I miss my mum so much,i miss taiwan.....I had promise my dad and stepmum that i will spend my 6 months in Malaysia,KL.I will be going to international school next 2 weeks, so right now i am still on holidays.
My stepmum,stepsister and brothers treat me very well, as a family.I really really appreciate it.At least make me feel like home.I called home taiwan talk with my mum everynight,and i just cant hide my loniless and sadness without my mum around,,,,,i hope time will move fast so that i can go back earlier back to taipei!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday,this is my sad wednesday,where everyone talk bad about me

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't look down on me!!!

When i was told i have a stepmum(bigger mum) in Malaysia,i just can't accept the fact,i am very sad,sad,and sad.I cannot forgive my daddy !!!But after a few days,i forgive my daddy,because i love my parents,and i will never angry anything about them.This happpened last year.

And i dont know it was coincident or not,my stepmother in Malaysia make a request to meet me,and of course i wont say no.I accepted her invitation.And i am willing to meet her even though she is not my origin mummy.

My daddy doing business both in taiwan and Malaysia,this year he will stay in Malaysia for 6 months,and i am following him ,an i will be studying shortly there in Kuala Lumpur.What i now worry is wether i should tell anyone that i actually a 私生子 while i study in Malaysia>?What do you think!!??Dont look down on me!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I have a pimple on face!!!

I just found out a piple popped out today,probably due to the hot weather here in Malaysia,i can't stand it,not because of the hot weather,because of the pimple itself!!!I am horrible on it.My stepmum told me not to worry much,as it will resolv by itself ,,and i really hope so!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love the food here

Spend a day with my stepmum and stepsisters today,we went for shopping,bought a lots of stuff.My stepmum is really a nice person,I even call her mum!!haha,,i have 2 mums now,i am confusing,,haha
We went to China Town today,alots of people there.The food there was just nice,i ate alots!!!!oh my god,i will gain weight later,i dont want that!!Later,we went to Twin Tower,it is really really tall,the height even higher than our 101 tower in taiwan,,,,
It is hot hot day

Friday, February 8, 2008

I arrive malaysia!!!

I finally arrive Malaysia airport,it is really big airport!!!!This is my 1st time in Malaysia,and it is so so so so so hot!!!!i am going to faint soon.The sun outside is so so so hot!!!!I cant stand the heat no more,i want to go back taiwan.
I am a bit nerve now,because i am goin to meet my stepmum,and i really cant wait to do so!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am visiting Malaysia!!!

Tomorror me and i daddy will take taiwan airline to fly to KLIA,i am visiting my stepmummy.This is the 1st time i meet my stepmum in Malaysia.I have no idea on my mind now,i couldn't describe them.I have so so many things flying around my head,i wish i could tell.Well,i am happy to see my stepmum,and she is my mum too.


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