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Friday, May 23, 2008

Aska Yang

Bought an album of Aska Yang,around 600taipi. This album called 'KeZhi',in english means pigeon,am i right?i not very sure...haha.This album is really nice ,i no kidding,Aska Yang has the perfect wonderful voice,each of his song is nice,touching,and emotional,thats what i could describe.i hope his 2nd album will be released as soon as possible,because i really want to hear more songs from him.He is my super idole now.
They are coming to Malaysia for a concert,Xgb and together with Fahrenheit ,i will be there in that concert,if i manage to buy a ticket of course.But right now,i am listening Aska's song with my ipod~~~


Anonymous said...

See here or here

siawyi said...

see what??

shuhow said...

i too listen to his song,i had all his song of 1st album,very nice really

Anonymous said...

How is Malaysia, nice blog. Post some pictures of Malaysia. I want to see :)

Aleckii said...

Aska Yang as in Yang Zhen Wei? We've got a friend over here who everyone says look like him, his jawline, his hair, etc, haha. Except they say he looks more handsome than Yang Zhen Wei, I added him in my blogroll, his name is Enghaw, you can check him out there, haha!

I don't follow Cantonese Pop, but I watched this episode of Sing Guang Da Dao the other day, the episode where he quit because he lied about his age. Quite touching.

Lilavathy said...


I know this article is quite old. I just returned from Taiwan. I bought his Star Start in Taiwan at 780 tai pi

I have a blog on Aska Yang too.

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