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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why China always bullying us?

Many people ask me where am i from,and i answered i from Taiwan.They laugh at me and say Taiwan is part of China.I were very suprise,what!!!!???No way!!I explained them Taiwan is Taiwan, an independent country,and China is China!!

We aint' Hong Kong or Macau,where both lands are cummunized(communism),we taiwanese are totally democratic,thats what i want to explain to people outside taiwan.This is our duty,as taiwanese,even as a girl,i want to let know taiwan is an independent country,we can survive our own,we proud of our taiwanese,and we are peace-maker,as long as China doesnt' cross to our line.

I think China has bullying us enough,because in this world,no country wanna be friend with taiwan,because they afraid on China?Or they think China greater potential in economic and others fields better than Taiwan.Or most of all,China has manymany second fighter-jet?submarines?Tong Fung long range Missle??million red armies with dogs?and hundred more missles aim at us?I tell you,they wont dare to pull their trigger,because we taiwan has the most advance jet fighter from American,France,and alot more weapon which can completely cover us,defend us!!Thats what our teacher told us!!!!hahahaa,i am impressed


Aleckii said...

You're right. I admire the gut that Taiwan has in standing up to a major country like China. You know what though? Taiwan isn't the only country suffering from being bullied.

Some countries like Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia and so on, which got their 'independence' from USSR, is still being bullied time and time again by Russia. What to do though? You stand strong, you stay together and you fight for your country.

I really hope to see more peace in this world, and hopefully China will change its mind one day.

Oh, by the way, I've added you in my blogroll too, will be checking in once in a while.

napaboaniya said...

I understand how you feel!
A couple of times when people ask me where I'm from and I reply "Singapore". They will ask "Which part of China is that?"
It gets me highly irritated in a

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