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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missing home

I think i am very homesick now,almost a week staying in Malaysia,and i really want to go home,i just cant stand in no more.I miss my mum so much,i miss taiwan.....I had promise my dad and stepmum that i will spend my 6 months in Malaysia,KL.I will be going to international school next 2 weeks, so right now i am still on holidays.
My stepmum,stepsister and brothers treat me very well, as a family.I really really appreciate it.At least make me feel like home.I called home taiwan talk with my mum everynight,and i just cant hide my loniless and sadness without my mum around,,,,,i hope time will move fast so that i can go back earlier back to taipei!!!!

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enghaw said...

thx for dropping by my actually came from taiwan huh? i like taiwan^^ so do you speak 台语? welcome to malaysia and hope you adapt urself well. will link you asap.