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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Headache and stomachache

i felt my head going to burst.I know i have headache again.And my mood is deep down into sea.I dont know...I have this regular headache once a while,When i come over here,with the hot sunning weather,my condition getting worse.So i just let doctor deal with my problem.

Went to the hospital,doctor told me i had this thing called migraine,i not exactly understand what does it mean,but i'm going find out more through web.He explained me is kind of regular headache,and due to my changing of my body,you know,girl stuff,thats why i have these problems.I just need more rest,sleep well.I dont' know,maybe i am home-sicking badly,i just want to go home,see my mum ,and i miss her so much.But now i just can be more patient,few more months to go.So,i just note my feeling in blog,so i feel much better...


Aleckii said...

Oooh... too bad. Hope you're feeling better. Could be the Malaysian heat? Drink more water I suppose might help.

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